Securing your Tenancy

If you decide to take a property through ltd, it can be secured by paying a holding deposit for the property which will become part of your deposit and will be secured when your tenancy starts with the "mydeposit" tenancy deposit scheme. Further each member of the household over 18 will need to complete an application form. This can be done online. We will then start the referencing process.


Holding Deposit and Full Deposit The total deposit is equal to 5 weeks rent for the property.
The Holding deposit is equivalent to 1 weeks rent rounded up to the nearest £50.00 must be the minimum amount you pay to secure the property (subject to references). The remaining amount (to make up to the Full deposit) must be paid at least a week before the tenancy start date. The two amounts will become part of your Full deposit and be registered with the "mydeposit" tenancy deposit scheme before you move into the property.


Additional Charges that may be levied during Tenancy

Fees incurred for breach of agreement

Daily charge for late rent£2.00 inc. vat.
Letter chasing late rent£25.00 inc. vat.
Returned overpayment charges£25.00 inc. vat.
Charge for bounced, represented or returned item£30.00 inc. vat.


Fees for early release from Tenancy

(subject to Landlord agreement)

Marketing fee (2 weeks rent plus VAT) or £450 inc. vat. whichever is greater.

(Please note you will also be liable for balance of Landlord's Agency fees until the end of tenure)


Miscellaneous fees

Returned rent overpayment charges£25.00 inc. vat
Changes and adjustments to a tenancy agreement at the tenants request during the tenure£250.00 inc vat


Note; Deposit returns to international accounts; All bank and transfer charges will be at the tenants expense and will be deducted from the transfer.


Explanation of Pre-Tenancy Expenses

Administration & Referencing fee

This covers part of the costs involved in negotiating your specific tenancy terms and processing your references. All persons over the age of 18 will be referenced and will be required to sign the tenancy agreement and additional parties, who need to be referenced, are charged at £250.00 inc. vat. per adjustment. All holding deposits fees are non-refundable if your application is unsuccessful for whatever reason and will be charged at the above rate in the event of a failed tenancy.


Tenancy Deposit - mydeposits

Your holding fee will become your deposit on the starting day of your tenancy. This must be paid in cleared funds before the start of the tenancy agreement. It will be equal to six weeks rent rounded up to the nearest £50. This is a refundable deposit held against the condition of the property at the end of the tenancy and breach of contract terms by the Tenant, and will be registered in one of the government accredited Tenant Deposit Schemes. ltd are members of and will register deposits for Landlords unless they have another preference.

*Pets - If the landlord of the property you have negotiated on will accept a domestic pet you will be asked to pay a security deposit equivalent to eight weeks rent rounded up to the nearest £50. The increased deposit will be used to professionally fumigate and clean the carpets at the end of your tenure in the event that you are NOT able to demonstrate that you have had these works carried out yourself.


Guarantor Charge

In the event that you need a guarantor to support your referencing. You should be aware that the need for a Guarantor may not become apparent until your referencing, (including for any joint tenants) has been completed.

Your guarantor will need to sign a Deed of Guarantee as part of the Tenancy Agreement or the Tenancy Agreement. This document might be required to organise this.

They will also need to supply photographic identity and a utility bill (one dated within the last 3 months). Your guarantor will need to supply the required information to carry out a full credit check including their bank details so please make sure that they are happy to do this.