Student Tenants guide - what next ?

In brief -

1. Browse the student properties we have to let here and choose one or two, email or telephone us to arrange to viewing.

2. Download the student application form PDF and read carefully.

3. Once you have viewed, if you would like to rent the property call the office and pay the application fees and the holding fees for the property over the phone. Remember you each require a guarantor but there is no charge for the guarantor.

4. Once we received all the completed applications, we will first obtain the landlords approval, check the application and then we will reference the guarantor.

5. Download and read through the draft tenancy agreement (pages 5 to 22) available here on-line, ask any question that arise and take independent legal advice.

6. When approval from the referencing company for all tenants/guarantors has been confirmed, we will email your nominated head of house to confirm all is well, send a draft copy of your joint tenancy agreement for yourselves and your guarantor with a statement outlining the rental payment dates - note; the first is due in advance of the tenancy starting, and needs to comply with page 3 clause 4 of the student application form.

7. Shortly after we have received all forms, and monies we will arrange to meet with you whole group all together to sign your agreement in advance. A few days before your tenancy starts your individual holding fees will be transferred to become your collective deposit for the property. This deposit will be held in compliance with the regulations laid down by the government Tenancy Deposit Scheme, we use the mydeposits scheme.
At the check in either the whole group or the tenant who arrives first will be given and sign for ; the keys to your property, a move in pack containing; the inventory and all other relevant documentation, a copy of the signed joint tenancy agreement will follow shortly by email.
Note; All contact details of who to contact with property maintenance issues will be included within this pack.

You will then be given the keys to your property, independent inventory (page 7) and any other relevant documentation, a copy of the signed joint tenancy agreement will follow shortly. Also we will supply you with a copy of the contact details for either your landlord or our property management and accounts department.