Canterbury Letting Agent

Why rent through

Choosing the right letting agent is as important as your choice of property. Make the right selection and not only will finding the right flat or house be made so much easier, the on-going support during your tenancy is invaluable.

Friendly, Experienced Managers & Staff - Letting can be a minefield of poor property choices and hidden extra costs resulting in overall frustration. However, at you'll deal with people who know property rental inside out and will do their utmost to make your search successful.

Flexible Viewing Times - We fully understand the nature of your working arrangements if your working day is too frantic to take time off we will do our best to arrange appointments around you, even if that's out of hours. If travelling times are involved let us know. Still tricky? We are happy to arrange evening viewings as well as Saturdays as appropriate.

Top Tips When Looking To Rent

  • Look for evidence of experience when picking a letting agent - do they have a good track record?
  • Be absolutely clear where you stand legally and how best to protect your deposit.
  • Make sure you are comfortable with the staff - this could make all the difference to your tenancy.
  • Be sure of what its going to cost, are there any add-ons
  • Read the small print
Support & Peace of Mind - We believe in plain speaking and will guide you every step of the way, from finding just the right property, through to clearly explaining your rights and obligations as a tenant all of which you will find here on this web site in the; We don't hide the small print.

We uphold strict business standards. If that's what you expected from any agent, then you'd be surprised by some of the low standards that have caught out would-be tenants at everyday agencies that we hear about almost everyday - lack of suitable properties, bad, or just duff advice, badly worded contracts, we've seen it all! We genuinely want to win and then retain you as a tenant!


Simply register with us on line. We'll keep you up to date on a one-to-one basis by phone or email. Just sit back and let us do all the hard work for you!